I always try to be realistic. Even though everyone claim: choose the job you want, choose the job you like etc., and repeat it like mantra or something, every now and then a lot of people are wondering how to make resume for the job they don’t like too much but which is the only choice that will enable them to get what they need in the upcoming period of time.

I know, some of you will say that there always is a choice and I will agree on that one. There is always a choice. You don’t ever have to do a job you hate, but sometimes you’ll just have to do the job you simply don’t like in order to provide necessary money for you and maybe your family. That is just the fact. And then rises our headline question, how to make resume for such job.

Ok, what does that actually mean? Well, every resume incorporates the part where you have to talk about your mission, your final goal or what you are trying to accomplish with the job you are applying for. And the fact is that the only mission of yours is to earn a decent amount of money by doing something that suits you the most right now. If that is the fact, use it to your advantage.

But, before you start typing your resume for the job you don’t like , answer the following three questions to yourself and try to be absolutely realistic and honest:

How long do you intend to do this job, a month, six months, year, a couple of years or longer?

Are you interested in anything else then money?

How good are you really in this job, i.e. do you have strong references or not?

After answering to those three questions refer to my next post about how to make resume.


There are so many tips on the internet about how to make resume. Taking all the tips into account, may be confusing, because they can go very diverse and they can also go into too much depth for the average job applicant. Therefore, I doubt that you’ll find anything completely fresh and new on this page. However, what we are trying to do here is to make a concise and effective presentation of everything that you need to know to make an excellent resume, you don’t have to be shy about when you send it to your possible future employee.

Here are the first five qualities that you’ll need to show and share, so that your Resume will have a personal touch of yours:

1) Be sincere: talk about your objectives and how this job is going to help you making it happen.

2) Be confident: even if you don’t have any of the working experience, don’t underestimate any of your past activities, mention all of them that has anything to do with your job, but be concise

3) Be different: at the very beginning of your resume make the short list of what are you going to do to enhance the quality of your future working place

4) Be proud: make the short list of your highlights that happened during your past working experience. Be precise and use numbers if possible.

5) Be aesthete: use clean paper, normal fonts, and normal font sizes, however, take care about the visual impression of your resume.